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Subscriber Maintenance

Yes. As per the amendment in PMLA rules by the Government,NPS accounts should be linked with Aadhaar by December 31, 2017.

Based on the notification dated June 1, 2017, issued by the Dept. of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, bearing No. GSR 538 (E) being the Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017, both Aadhaar and PAN have been made mandatory for existing and new accounts to be opened under NPS.

Accordingly all existing Subscribers under NPS are required to submit their Aadhaar and PAN in the CRA System on or before December 31, 2017.

Subscribers can seed Aadhaarin their PRAN by logging into the CRA System(www.cra-nsdl.com) with the User ID (PRAN) and I-PIN (Internet Password). The option is available under Menu >>Update Details; Sub-menu>> Update Aadhaar/ Address Details. PAO/CDDO/ DTOare required toauthorise the request in the CRA System.

Subscribers can update their PAN by submitting Form S2 (Subscriber Details Change) to their associated Nodal Office (PAO/ CDDO/ DTO). Nodal Office can carry out necessary changes in the NPSCAN system (www.npscan-cra.com).

Subscriber has to submit the "Subscriber Details Change Request Form - Form S2" to the concerned DDO who in turn has to submit the same after verification to the concerned PAO/CDDO/ DTO. PAO/CDDO/ DTOwill initiate the change requested by the Subscribers through NPSCAN System.

In case of change in Mobile Number, Telephone Number and email ID, the Subscribers can themselves update the said detailsbylogginginto CRA system or through NPS Mobile App with the I-PIN provided by CRA.

For change in signature and photograph, Nodal Office needs to forward ‘Form S7’ to the CRA-FC.

FPAO/CDDO/ DTO can update the following requests of the Subscriber:

  • Change in Personal details including Bank details
  • Change in Employment details
  • Change in Nomination details
  • Change in Scheme details of Tier II
  • One way Switch request (transfer of amount from Tier II to Tier I)
  • Withdrawal request
  • Reissue of I-PIN and T-PIN
  • Reprint of PRAN Card
  • Update PAN and Aadhaar details
  • AuthoriseAadhaar Seeding request
  • Bulk Upload of FATCA declarations
  • Print Statement of Transaction of a Subscriber associated with it on request.

PAO/CDDO/ DTO shall verify the following before making an electronic request for updating Subscriber's details:

  • PRAN provided by the Subscriber is valid (Active)
  • PRAN (Subscriber) is associated with the PAO/CDDO/ DTO
  • Request form is completely filled by the Subscriber
  • Request form is duly signed by the Subscriber
  • Request form is duly verified and signed by the DDO of the Subscriber
  • Request form is filled as per the instructions given in the form.

Form S2 submitted by the Subscriber needs to be retained by the Nodal Office and need not be sent to CRA. CRA will act only on the basis of the electronic request received from the PAO/ CDDO/ DTO. Only, in case of change in signature/ photograph of the Subscriber, the PAO/ CDDO / DTO has to forward the request to the CRA-FC for processing.

Maker- Authoriser requires that the request is to be captured by one officer using a User ID and I-PIN and the authorisation of the same shall be done by another officer using another User ID and I-PIN. The PAO/CDDO/ DTO shall identify two different officers to carry out the Maker-Authoriser activity.

Certain type of requests shall require only a Maker activity whereas certain type of requests shall require both Maker and Authoriser activity.

Type of Request



Change in Subscribers’ personal details
(Core Data – Data appearing on PRAN Card)



Change in Subscribers’ personal details
than Core Data)


Not Required

Change in Subscribers' Address



Change in Subscribers’ Nomination Details



Change in Subscribers’ Bank Details


Not Required

Change in Subscribers’ Employment Details



Reprint of PRAN Card



In case the Subscriber has forgotten/ misplaced his password (I-PIN/ T-PIN), the same can be reset in the following manner:

  • Reset password using secret question: If the Subscriber had selected a secret question, he/she can reset the password online using the same.
  • Instant reset I-PIN: Subscriber can select this option for reset of I-PIN. Once the request is captured, the acknowledgement number thus generated should be forwarded to the PAO/CDDO for authorisation. Alternately, the Subscriber can also choose to reset the password by generating a One Time Password (OTP). In case of OTP, the request can be authorised by the Subscriber himself, therefore he need not approach the PAO/CDDO for authorisation. This facility can only be used by Subscribers who have their Mobile number and Email ID updated in the CRA system.
  • Re-issue of I-PIN by PAO/CDDO/ DTO: Subscriber can submit a request (Form S2) to the PAO/CDDO/ DTO for re-issue of I-PIN. The PAO/CDDO/ DTO can raise the request online and authorize the same. On successfulauthorisationof the request, CRA shall dispatch the PIN mailer to the Subscriber at his/her communication address. Please note re-issue of I-PIN is a chargeable transaction.

Subscriber has to submit Form S2 to the concerned DDO who will forward the request to the PAO/CDDO. PAO/CDDO will raise the request online for reprint of PRAN Card. On receipt of the online request, CRA will dispatch the PRAN card to the PAO/CDDO. Reprint of PRAN card is a chargeable transaction.

Subscribers can also request for Reprint of PRAN Card by logging into the CRA System with the I-Pin provided by CRA.

As PRAN is unique and portable across employment & location, NPS contributions can be transferred by the prospective employer to same PRAN already allotted by previous employers after completion of Inter-Sector Shifting (ISS) for the PRAN.

For e.g. If a subscriber has been transferred from Central Government to State Government or vice versa, he can continue using the same PRAN irrespective of change in office, department or location after completion of Inter-Sector Shifting (ISS).

For shifting of PRAN within the same sector (i.e. within Central Govt. or within the same State Govt.), the Subscriber is required to intimate his PRAN to the target (new) office with whom he/she will be associated after shifting. The new office will facilitate shifting of PRAN in the CRA system by uploading the NPS regular contribution. PRAN will get associated to new office in the CRA system upon successful processing of monthly NPS contribution. Subsequently, the new office is required to update Subscriber’s employment details in the CRA system.

As PRAN is unique and portable across employment & location,subscriber can shift from one sector to another sector with the same PRAN e.g. from Central Government (CG) to State Government (SG) or from Corporate Sector to Govt. Sector, etc. With the help of the facility of Inter Sector Shifting, a Subscriber can continue with the same PRAN irrespective of his geographical location and employment status till he/she exits from NPS.

For shifting PRAN from one sector to another, the Subscriber is required to submit Form ISS-1 (available on CRA website - www.npscra.nsdl.co.in under Menu ‘Forms’) to the target Nodal Office i.e. to the Nodal Office with whom he/she will be associated after shifting. The target Nodal Office initiates the shifting of PRAN along with accumulated NPS contributions under the PRAN in the CRA system.

In case of change in any employment details such as pay scale, basic salary, etc., Subscriber need not submit any change request. Such changes can be updated by the PAO/CDDO on receipt of intimation about the change from the DDO.

Subscriber has to submit the change request as per prescribed format to the associate DDO i.e. ‘Form S7’. After verification and authorisation of the request, DDO has to consolidate all such requests and forward it to the concerned PAO/CDDO/ DTO along with a covering letter as per the prescribed format i.e. ‘Form S8’. PAO/CDDO/ DTOhas to verify and authorise the request and submit the request to the CRA-FC.

On upload of the request by CRA-FC, new signature and/or photograph will be updated in the CRA system. CRA shall print a new PRAN card and dispatch it to PAO/CDDO/ DTO who forwards it to the DDO for onward distribution to Subscriber.

A Nodal Office can raise grievances in the CRA system (cra-nsdl.com) by logging in with the User ID and I-PIN or through the CRA Call Centre using the T-PIN provided by CRA. In case of grievance of the DDO, the DDO can raise a grievance against any interfacing entity by logging into the CRA System with the User ID and I-PIN.

The PAO/CDDO/ DTO can also raise the grievance on behalf of the DDO or the underlying Subscribers through the CRA System. PAO/CDDO/ DTO can raise the grievance only through the abovementioned modes.

Nodal Offices can raise grievance with respect to the following:

Grievance against CRA:

  • PRAN allotted but PRAN Cards not received
  • PIN mailers not received
  • PRAN not allotted/partially allotted
  • Withdrawal amount not received
  • Scheme Preference Instruction not effected

Grievance against Trustee Bank

  • Delay in uploading Fund Receipt Confirmation (FRC)
  • Subscriber Contribution File (SCF) not Matched and Booked

At the time of registering the grievance, the Nodal Office shall provide the following details:

  • PAO registration number allotted by CRA
  • Details of the grievance
  • On whose behalf the grievance is being raised
  • Category of Grievance
  • Grievance Text

Nodal office can login into CRA system using the I-PIN provided by CRA and check the details of the grievances raised against this Office by the Subscribers/ other entities. Nodal Office shall resolve the grievance and mention the action taken remarks in the resolution field provided for the purpose.CRA shall send the resolution remark of the PAO/CDDO to the Subscriber on the Subscribers’ ‘Email ID’ registered with CRA.

If a grievance is logged in the CRA System, a token number will be displayed on the screen on successful submission of grievance. The details of the token number will also be intimated by CRA to the Nodal Office on it’s registered email ID.

The Nodal Offices can alternately check the status of the grievance on the login page of the CRA System under option ‘Check Grievance/ Enquiry Status’ by entering the Token No. The status can also be checked through the Call Centre by quoting the token number. On resolution of the grievance, CRA shall send an e-mail to the registered Email ID of the Nodal Office containing the details of resolution.

PAO/CDDO/ DTO shall resolve the grievance raised against it within three days of receipt of the grievance. If grievance is not resolved within three days, an e-mail alert will be sent to the associated PrAO/ DTA.

If grievance is pending for the next five days, another e-mail alert will be sent by CRA to the PrAO/ DTA. If the Subscriber is not satisfied with the resolution same can be escalated to NPS Trust.

A Nodal Office can raise the following grievances against CRA on behalf of it’s underlying Subscribers:

  • PRAN Kit not received
  • PIN related
  • Email/SMS alart
  • Incorrect details captured by CRA-FC
  • Status of Withdrawal request
  • Withdrawal amount not received
  • Transaction Statement not received
  • Non receipt of Alerts from CRA on contribution credit
  • Incorrect Contribution reflected
  • PRAN card not in active status