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Circular Date Subject
19-Feb-2020 Online Contribution facility for NPS Lite subscribers - eNPS Lite
4-Sep-2019 Provision of information to M/s Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP for reconcilation of pool account maintained by erstwhile Trustee Bank.
11-Mar-2019 Display of information by POPs while processing NPS contributions under online mode.
07-Dec-2018 Discontinuation of Aadhaar based authentication for opening of NPS accounts by the POPs through online module.
06-Aug-2018 Circular for Permission of Partial withdrawal "Towards meeting the expenses by subscriber for skill development/re-skilling or for any other self-development activities and meeting the expenses by subscriber for establishment of own venture or any start-ups".
22-May-2018 Amendment to Investment Guidelines for NPS Schemes (Other than Govt. Sector [CG & SG], Corporate CG, NPS Lite and APY).
22-Mar-2018 Digital empowerment tools for APY subscribers.
10-Jan-2018 Guidelines on process to be followed by Subscribers and Nodal office/POP/Aggregator for partial withdrawal request.
9-Jan-2018 Circular on modification of fee structure of Retirement Advisors.
1-Nov-2017 Increasing the maximum age of joining NPS from 60 to 65 years under NPS - Private Sector (All Citizen and Corporate model)
31-Oct-2017 Clarification on revision of service charges to POPs under NPS (All Citizen and Corporate Model)
27-Oct-2017 Revision of service charges to POPs under NPS (All Citizen and Corporate)
9-Oct-2017 Circular on Deferment in Hindi
15-Sept-2017 Circular on 'Guidelines for Operational Activities- to be followed by Point of Presence (POPs), POP-SP, POP-SE & POP-Corporate.
21-Aug-2017 Retirement Advisers : Guidelines for operational activities
12-Apr-2017 Clarification of closure of savings account linked to APY account
23-Mar-2017 Annexure 7 - Details of NPS contributions held in the account maintained as 'NPS Collection Account'
16-Mar-2017 Annexure 9 - Details of NPS contributions held in the account maintained as 'NPS Collection Account'
21-Feb-2017 Updation of Mobile Numbers in APY beneficiary Database-reg
21-Dec-2016 Clarification of payment of incentive under APY-Swavalamban Migration Cases
15-Dec-2016 Onboarding of APY on DBT platform – Aadhaar seeding implementation
15-Dec-2016 Persistency and Zero Balance Accounts in APY
15-Dec-2016 Dispensing the Submission of Physical Application Form in NPS
15-Dec-2016 Circular on Dispensing with the requirement of physical application form for esign
07-Dec-2016 Online Registration of APY Grievances
29-Nov-2016 Ultimate opportunity - Customer First
28-Nov-2016 Co-contribution For Subscribers Migrated into APY From Swavalamban
01-Nov-2016 Monitoring the Performance of Banks at State/District/Block Levels
31-Oct-2016 Upgrading/Downgrading of Pension Amount
24-Oct-2016 PFRDA Circular_Documents to be submitted for availing partial withdrawal under NPS
18-Oct-2016 Settlement of Death Cases before the age of 60 years under APY
23-Aug-2016 Nomination in APY
09-Aug-2016 Circular on latest development under NPS
09-Aug-2016 Circular on reduction of minimum balance requirement and unfreezing of account
27-Jul-2016 Circular related to Clarification on continuing Beyond 60 years or The Age of Superannuation- Till 70 Years
22-Jun-2016 Comparing pension amount by Government Nodal Office
22-Jun-2016 Comparing pension amount (Family Pension or NPS annuity) by Government Nodal Office before processing Family Pension cases on Death/disability of subscriber
14-Jun-2016 Clarification regarding monetisation of units in subscriber account
09-Jun-2016 Monetisation of units lying in Subscriber Account
09-Jun-2016 Monetisation of units lying in the subscriber’s account who have not withdrawn their benefits from NPS
08-Jun-2016 Guidelines on Documentary requirements for subscribers of NPS-Lite
01-Jun-2016 NPS Service Fortnight (27-June-2016 to 09-July-2016)
02-May-2016 PFRDA Circular for Voluntary Exit of APY Subscribers
04-Apr-2016 Guidelines On Migration Of Existing Eligible Swavalamban Subscribers To Atal Pension Yojana
21-Mar-2016 Guidelines on process to be followed by Subscribers and Nodal Office/POP/Aggregator for processing of partial withdrawal request
10-Mar-2016 Clarifications on Settlement of Claims of Pre-mature Exit and Death of Government subscribers involving Purchase of Annuities
13-Jan-2016 Warning against Entities indulging in fraudulent activities under NPS Lite/Swavalamban
12-Jan-2016 Revised Guidelines in respect of Contribution Collection and Service Charges for opening NPS Accounts for NRIs
20-Nov-2015 Mandatory Processing of Online Withdrawal Request
12-Nov-2015 Circular Mandatory processing of Online Withdrawal request and process document
02-Nov-2015 Clarification on Deferred Withdrawal of Lump sum
29-Oct-2015 Clarification of Deferred Withdrawal of Lump Sum Corpus
07-Sep-2015 Investment Guidelines for NPS Schemes (Other than Govt. Sector (CG &SG), Corporate CG, NPS Lite and APY) w.e.f. 10th September, 2015
27-July-2015 Timelines Of Contribution Processing Under APY
12-May-2015 Simplification of Withdrawal Process - Documentary requirements Circular
31-Mar-2015 Amendment to Revised Investment Guidelines for NPS Schemes
25-Feb-2015 Simplification of Withdrawal process for Govt. subscribers – Documentary requirements
25-Feb-2015 PFRDA Circular_Facility for Online Withdrawal Process in CRA System for submission of NPS Claims
5-Feb-2015 Acceptance of e-KYC as a valid process for KYC verification
31-Dec-2014 PFRDA Circular FATCA ( Registration for the purpose of Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act)
31-Dec-2014 Circular for Registration for the purpose of Foreign Accounts Tax Compliant Act (FATCA)
1-Aug-2014 Revision of Investment Management Fees (IMF) for Private Sector NPS
22-Apr-2014 Registration of Government employees aged 60 years and above under National Pension System (NPS)
23-Oct-2013 Acceptance of e-KYC as a valid process for KYC verification
17-Sep-2013 Option to defer Annuity purchase under NPS at the time of exit
20-Aug-2013 Circular on Portability of NPS Lite-Swavalamban Accounts to NPS-All Citizen Model(UOS) and other Sectors
31-May-2013 NPS Trust Account Numbers & contact details of New Trustee Bank
30-Apr-2013 Appointment of new Trustee Bank (TB) under National Pension System (NPS)
11-Mar-2013 PFRDA circular regarding Deferred Withdrawal under National Pension System
15-Feb-2013 Default ASP and Annuity Scheme for subscribers exiting from NPS and Seeking withdrawal of Accumulated Pension Wealth
6-Feb-2013 Revision in documentary requirements in case of exits arising from Death of the subscriber under NPS-Swavalamban
22-Jan-2013 Master Circular on Product design and Exit from National Pension System (NPS)
11-Jan-2013 Circular on addendum to required KYC documents for entry and exit of National Pension System (NPS)
11-Jan-2013 Revised List of KYC documents required for entry and exit under NPS