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Accessing CRA System

NPSCAN is a web based "NPS Contribution Accounting Network" developed by CRA to maintain accounts of Government Subscribers. PAO/ CDDO/ DTO can access NPSCAN for below activities:

  • Uploading Subscriber Contribution File for Regular as well as Shifted Subscribers
  • Maintenance of Subscriber Details such as changes/ update of demographic details, Bank Account details, Nomination details, PAN details, Aadhaar Update requests, FATCA declaration, etc.
  • Re-issue of I-Pin/ T-PIN
  • Reprint of PRAN Card
  • Various views for monitoring NPS related activities, etc.

Nodal Office can access NPSCAN with the User ID and I-PIN provided by CRA.

CRA system is a web based application developed by CRA for carrying out NPS related activities. PAO/ CDDO/ DTO can access CRA System for below activities:

  • FATCA updation
  • Tier II Activation & Update Tier II details of subscribers
  • Inter Sector Shifting of Subscribers and DDO
  • Online Registration of Subscriber
  • Raising and Resolving Grievances, and checking the status of Grievances
  • DDO Details Modification
  • Re-Issue of IPIN/TPIN
  • Instant Reset of IPIN
  • View scanned copies of CSRF forms
  • Recruitment Monitoring
  • e-PRAN,
  • Statement of Voluntary Contributionfor Subscriber
  • Error Rectification Module,
  • Exit Management (Processing Withdrawal Request)
  • Viewing Dashboard Reports.
  • Knowledge Centre (Access to Circulars, SOP & Training Module)
  • Authorise Aadhaar seeding requests

CRA Systemcan be accessed on internet only by using the User ID and I-PIN provided by CRA.

I-PIN is an 8 to 14 characters Internet Personal Identification Number issued by CRA to the PrAO and PAO/CDDO/ DTO for accessing the CRA/NPSCAN system through the internet. CRA provides I-PIN to the PrAO,two sets of I-PIN will be issued to the PAO/CDDO/ DTO.

The Nodal Office can access both CRA system (www.cra-nsdl.com) and NPSCAN system (www.npscan-cra.com) with the same User ID and I-PIN. The Nodal Office should maintain the confidentiality of the I-PIN.

Facilities that are available for a Nodal office through Call Centre are as mentioned below:

  • T-PIN Reset
  • Speaking with Call Center Executive on NPS process related matters

T-PIN is a four digit "Tele-query Personal Identification Number" provided by CRA to the PAOs/CDDOs, which are registered with the CRA for accessing Tele-query facility.

Tele-query facility includes both Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service and Call Centre facility.

CRA provides T-PIN to the PrAO, two sets of T-PIN will be issued to the PAO/ CDDO/ DTO. Nodal Office should maintain the confidentiality of the T-PIN.

IVR facility is available to Nodal Offices on toll free no.1800 222 081.

Some of the functions of PAO/ CDDO/ DTOrequire maker and authorizer activity, i.e., the Subscriber request shall be captured by an Officer using a User ID and I-PIN and the authorization of the same shall be carried out by another Officer using another User ID and I-PIN. Hence, two User IDs and I-PINs are provided to the PAO/ CDDO/ DTO.

For this purpose, PAO/ CDDO/ DTOshall identify two Officers, one for Maker activity and another for Authorizer activity and handover the respective User ID and I-PIN to them.