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Service Request

A Subscriber can request for change / correction in personal details, nomination details, bank details, reissue of I-PIN/T-PIN/PRAN Card to the POP-SP. A Subscriber can also update his / her photograph and signature by submitting written request to the POP-SP.

Subscriber needs to submit the following forms for change request:

  1. Form UOSS2 - for change in personal or nomination details or request for re-issue of T-PIN/I-PIN or Reprint of PRAN card.
  2. Form S3- Request for change in Scheme Preference or Switch or change of employment.
  3. Form S7 - Request for change in Photograph and/or Signature

Subscribers can also update certain details through online or NPS Mobile APP. Please refer question no. 8 and 9 of this section for the same.

Apart from submission of S3 form to associated POP-SP, Subscriber can also change Scheme preference through their NPS account log-in. You can follow the simple steps as given below to change the scheme preference online:

  1. Go to your NPS account log-in
  2. Click on sub menu " Scheme preference Change" under main menu "Transaction"
  3. Select Tier type and change the Scheme preference as you intended to do

Subscribers can also update certain details through online or NPS Mobile APP. Please refer question no. 8 and 9 of this section for the same.

Subscriber is allowed to register up to three nominees in NPS. Yes, minor can be a nominee. In such case, Subscriber will be required to provide guardian's details and date of birth of the minor.

In case of loss or damage of PRAN card, the Subscriber needs to submit a duly filled S2 form to the respective POP-SP. After verifying the form, the POP/POPSP will enter and authorize the request in the CRA system. Subsequently, the request is processed by CRA and a fresh PRAN Card is printed and sent to Subscriber's registered address.

Alternatively, Subscriber can download ePRAN through their NPS account login.

Subscriber can generate password by doing few steps even without log-in to your account.

  1. Visit welcome page for NPS account log-in
  2. Click on the "Forgot Password" link
  3. Select "Instant Reset I-PIN"
  4. Enter minimum details required like PRAN, Date of Birth
  5. Enter new password of your choice

Subscriber should select any one of the following options:

  1. Generate OTP: Once Subscriber selects this option, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the Subscribers registered Mobile Number / email id.After receiving the same the Subscriber needs to submit the OTP.
  2. Go to Nodal Office: In this option, Subscriber needs to print the acknowledgment and handover the same to anyPOP-SPs for authorization irrespective of whether the Subscriber is associated with the POP-SP or not. After successful authorization by the POP-SP, Subscriber can use the new password (provided during the initiation of the request) for login.

To reset the T-PIN, Subscriber can call the CRA toll free number 1800-222-080 to access IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. After selecting the appropriate option, system will prompt the Subscriber to reset T-PIN by providing the existing T-PIN and the required new T-PIN. In case Subscriber has forgotten T-PIN, upon successful verification of the personal details, the Subscriber will be transferred to a helpline executive to enable him/her to change the T-PIN.

The Annual NPS Account Statement (as of March 31st of every year) is sent to the registered address of Subscriber. However, access to your Transaction statement is not only limited to this. A Subscriber can also get the transaction statement:

  1. By accessing NPS account through PRAN and password
  2. Subscribers can also view Statement of Holding through account Log-in
  3. Subscriber can request transaction statement on e-mail ID through IVR (CRA toll free number)
  4. Subscriber can also request for Transaction Statement through NPS mobile App.

Yes, certain services related to NPS can be availed online. These are as follows:

  1. Change of address (correspondence and permanent): using Aadhaar based authentication through OTP
  2. Change of scheme preference: UoS as well as Govt. Subscribers (for Tier II only) can change their Scheme Preference in CRA system.
  3. Change of mobile number and email: Subscriber can also change mobile number and email directly in CRA system using I-PIN
  4. I-PIN Generation: No physical I-PIN is issued to eNPS subscribers. The eNPS Subscribers can access the CRA system immediately after registering without waiting for physical I-PIN. Subscriber can also reset I-PIN instantly in case I-PIN locked/ forgotten.
  5. Online view of Statement of Holding (SOH) /Transaction (SOT): Subscriber can view SOH as well as SOT online in CRA system, anytime anywhere by using the password (I-PIN) and need not wait for physical SOT sent on yearly basis. Year wise SOT can also be obtained through IVR.
  6. ePRAN card view: Subscriber can view, download and print ePRAN card from CRA system, in case of loss of PRAN card issued by CRA.
  7. Aadhaar Seeding: Subscriber can add/update Aadhaar using Aadhaar based authentication through OTP.
  8. Reprint of PRAN card: Reprint PRAN card using mobile based authentication through OTP.

To have a NPS mobile App is the most convenient way to get the services/information related to NPS. You can invest and manage your NPS account on the go. You can download the App "NPS by NSDL eGov" from "App Store" ( ios users) and "Google play" (android users).

Following are the services you can get through NPS Mobile App:

  1. Submit Contribute Online for Tier I & Tier II
  2. Request Transaction Statement to your email ID
  3. Change Scheme Preference
  4. Modify address using Aadhaar
  5. Aadhaar Seeding
  6. View your account details
  7. View current holding
  8. Change your password/ Secret Question
  9. Generate your password using secret question/OTP
  10. View last 5 contributions
  11. Initiate withdrawal from Tier II
  12. Change your contact details (Tel./Mobile/email ID)
  13. Get notification related to NPS