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To contribute in Tier I and Tier II account, the Subscriber needs to deposit the contribution amount along with duly filled NCIS (NPS Contribution Instruction Slip) to any POP-SP or alternatively can visit eNPS website to make contribution in NPS. Following are the three ways to contribute in NPS:

  1. Fill contribution slip and submit it to any POP-SP
    To find the nearest POP-SP, you may visit "Find your nearest POP-SP"under "Important Links" section available on Home page of this website.
  2. Visit eNPS website (https://enps.nsdl.com)
    Submit your PRAN & DOB to get OTP on your Mobile to contribute online by Net banking / Debit Card / Credit Card.
  3. Download NPS Mobile App and contribute anytime and anywhere on the go
    For Android and IOS users

A Subscriber is required to make initial contribution (minimum of Rs. 500 for Tier I and a minimum of Rs. 1000 for Tier II) at the time of registration.
Subsequently, a Subscriber can make contribution subject to the following conditions:

Tier I:

  1. Minimum amount per contribution - Rs. 500
  2. Minimum contribution per Financial Year - Rs. 1,000
  3. Minimum number of contributions in a Financial Year – one

Over and above the mandated limit of a minimum of one contribution in Tier I, a Subscriber may decide on the frequency of the contributions across the year as per his / her convenience.

Tier II:

  1. Minimum amount per contribution - Rs. 250
  2. No minimum balance required

Units will be credited to the subscriber’s account on the day contribution is invested by the PFM (Pension Fund Manager). It takes T+2 days to get unit credited in subscriber account, wherein T being the date of fund receipt at Trustee bank. This activity is called settlement in CRA system wherein, contribution is transferred from POP to PFM for investment in predefined scheme of subscriber and accordingly, the PFM declares NAV of the day and Units are allotted to the subscriber.

We can understand this with an example as follow:
POP who as an interface for the subscriber in NPS, collects NPS contribution from subscriber and uploads the contribution details in the CRA system and at the same time deposits the contribution to Trustee Bank (Bank designated for collection of NPS contribution from NPS intermediaries such as POP). The Trustee Bank, on receipt of contribution, uploads the contribution receipt details on CRA system. On receipt of these two information (contribution details from POP and contribution receipt information from Trustee Bank), the settlement process is initiated in the CRA system.

Yes. To contribute in NPS, only Permanent Retirement Account Number is required. Once PRAN is allotted to a Subscriber, contribution can be made irrespective of whether PRAN card is received or not.